From a Different Perspective

I love taking photos of something that is normal, but from a different perspective than we normally see it, which makes it look different and interesting. Really, that’s one of the photographers main jobs; to make something that is normal look good on film. That is kind of where the idea for this photo came from. Well, not really, but kind of. I was actually just out taking pictures, and I saw the wheel barrow just sitting there, and thought “Hm. I wonder how that would look it a picture…” And so I took a few pictures of it.

This was my first one… I’m not sure I like it.

IMG_3081+And then I took a few more… These two are my favourites. I’m not sure which I like better though.

IMG_3085+ IMG_3086+

And this one was the last one I took. I don’t think I like it…IMG_3104+


5 thoughts on “From a Different Perspective

  1. Have you read “A Red Wheelbarrow” by William Carlos Williams? The poem is only 16 words long, but places a concrete image in your mind of this wheelbarrow. Your pictures reminded me about it.

      1. What did you think? When I first read it, I was just like, “What is going on with this? How is this poetry?” And then my Creative Writing class started discussing it during a break in the class and it started to grow on me the more everybody added their own thoughts on it.

          1. Haha, I can understand. I couldn’t believe it was considered poetry when it first came up. I seriously got converted to liking it after having a huge discussion on it. Suddenly I found beauty in it while trying to figure out why “so much depends” on the wheelbarrow.

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