A new camera

So, a little while ago we went to a party, and I was talking to someone about photography, and mentioned that I wanted to get a film camera eventually. I didn’t think anything of it, but a few days later the person I was talking to drove up in front of my house, and gave me an old film camera that had been given to him. He said that he would never use it, and he thought that I probably would, so he gave it to me.


It’s a Nikon FG, in case you can’t tell. 🙂 It was made some time between 1982 and 1986,  and was one of the first three “ultra compact” Nikon SLRs. It is so fun to play with, and if I ever teach a class on photography, I will definitely bring a film SLR, so I can show people the shutter opening, and the aperture blades closing.

Does this camera count as vintage?

There is also an extra lens that he gave me with the camera.[IMAGE]I desaturated both of these images because of some CA that my lens tends to add at high contrast points. The black around the edges was added by the RAW editing program I’m trying out. I think it is because it doesn’t have a profile for my Tamron lens that I was using, so it tries to use the closest it can. I think I may see if I can find one that I can add to the software. Also, I need to find some way to remove the CA in post. Until then, I think I will try to steer clear of really hight contrast images.

Well, that or buy a more expensive lens. But that’s not really an option right now. Maybe if I tighten the aperture some it will help? Someone said something about that helping with a different lens. I should try it. After all, it’s digital, so it doesn’t cost me a thing to try.

I’m realizing just how inexpensive digital is as opposed to film, now that I am actually looking at buying film. By the way, if anyone reading this has any tips for someone just beginning film photography, (film recommendations, most importantly,) please do comment and let me know.

And now, a random image that I took a little while ago.

Indian BlanketThat is an Indian Blanket. They are rather common along the roads that don’t get mowed. This one, the one in the picture, isn’t there anymore.

Expect some more images pretty soon, and in a little while, (about two weeks) some film images.

Have an awesome day everyone!



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